Current Trends and Issues in Guidance and Counseling


Three Main Issues Encountered by School Counseling Profession

  • What the professional title should be?

Professional Title:  Some professionals in the field prefer to be called guidance counselor, while an increasing number prefer the term school counselor. The expected duties are extensive than those practiced by vocational guidance counselors of the past, hence the feeling of many school counselors that the name of the profession should reflect its expanded roles


  • How counselor should be evaluated?

Evaluation: Since the early 1970s there has been a growing concern with issues in evaluation of school counselors and numerous criteria have been developed to help school counselors evaluate specific intervention and techniques.


  • To what extent counselors should work on prevention instead of remediation?

Prevention versus Remediation: A growing trend in the field of counseling is the focus on prevention instead of remediation. In the past it was common for counselors to have interactions with students only after some crisis had occurred. There is now a shift for school counselors to intercede prior to any incidents and to become more proactive in developing and enacting school-wide prevention plans. The schools, community and families are requesting assistance in preventing students from being involved with many difficulties, such as:

  • Gangs
  • Dropping out of school
  • Teenage parent
  • Using drugs
  • Participating or becoming victims of acts of violence

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